BENCE POTTYONDY | Architect & Partner

Bence is an architect and founding partner at SPP Architecture with over a decade of experience as an architect and designer.

As a former member of his father's Studio at Budapest-based Architect Firm KÖZTI, Bence was named as an architect in several of their common projects in Hungary, as a last at the Diósgyőr Stadion.

His great experience in execution design and project management and his sensitive and very pragmatic approach is a stable core of the team.

In a well-balanced and strong way, he encourages and inspires everybody to flourish in technical knowledge and be more and more effective in work methods.

Bence is deeply devoted to design free from the extreme, schedule, to understand and handle financial issues.

" My aim is to design, shape and organize our buildings in a way, that they can serve the most their function and use. I try to avoid intrusive, egoistic architectural gestures. "

ADRIAN SAVANYÚ | Architect & Partner

As a graduate of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Adrian has amassed substantial expertise in his Field during his career. His first exposure to architecture started at the London office of WATG, a leader in global hospitality tourism and destination design, where he took part in large-scale international projects. After returning to Hungary, he continued honing his skills at one of Hungary’s Leading Architectural firms: ZDA. After this, he spent 2 and half years in Australia furthering his international exposure.

Adrian has a good understanding of client needs and can focus the design process to find the best possible solution.

“Everyone should do what they are good at, that way everyone will have respect for each other, no one will be overwhelmed, and together they can achieve the best possible outcome.”

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